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Hundreds of event portable toilets at All Points East festival

I’ve spent the summer reading all the ‘it’s great to be back in a field, how emotional’ posts with a slight dose of scepticism.

After all, this is all purely commercial right?

Well…I think last night I was reminded that, although it’s business, it’s also pretty magical. 

Stage of All Points East festival with Portable Toilets Limited hire

I’ve hardly ever waited, at the front, to see an artist. But courtesy of LS Events last night I got to see Bicep Live. Their album (Isles, buy it!) has kind of been a soundtrack to life recently anyway, so I am biased but….it was indescribably good. So I’m not going to try and describe it!😂

Hundreds of High Tech Event Loos supplied by Portable Toilets Limited
VACPOD vacuum toilets at all points east festival

Hundreds of event portable toilets, plus a few vacuum fresh water event toilets and a high dependency unit; all expertly installed and maintained by our expert teams.

And all those guests, bonded by their love of music, freedom and enjoyment, all had good, clean, well-stocked sanitation facilities thanks to the other three men in this photo (plus a few more).

Big Events Portable Toilets management team

I’m constantly astounded by their dedication, flexibility and pride in what can be a thankless task. Excellent work as always from the PTL team.

Thank you for everything you do.

Oh, and there’s one more night to go!


1. Believe in your supply chain
2. Buy ‘Isles’!
3. I am lucky to have the best team out there.

Have a lovely bank holiday Monday.