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Helping distribute sanitation products

Did you know, because I didn’t, that 37% of people in the UK suffer from hygiene poverty. (In Kind Direct report) That means that our most vulnerable people can’t afford to access basic supplies such as toothpaste and sanitary products. This is another huge blow for their confidence, with massive knock on effects with regard to employment, well being and general quality of life. So, an initiative that my wife made me aware of is helping: Beauty Banks, helping distribute toiletries via The Trussell Trust network of foodbanks. Why not get on board? Not money, but sealed, unused products (hotel or airline ones too!) #christmas #charity In Kind Direct #homeless #beauty #events #donate #hygeine #sanitation

As the UK’s leading supplier of portable toilets for hire, sanitation is always on our radar. Things like this highlight how important sanitation is.

Beauty Banks Toilet Services Hire