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How and where to hire portable toilets?

One thing 2020 has taught us is how in-demand decent trades people are!

Having all spent the best part of 12 weeks in our own homes, many people decided to try and get improvements done; us included!

If it’s one thing we know, it’s that those tradespeople need good toilets onsite early and serviced on time and to a great standard, week in week out.

And where do so many builders go to hire their construction site toilets all over the UK? Portable Toilets Limited of course!

Chose a company with professional portable toilets servicing process

We have an unrivalled knowledge of site portable toilet hire; we operate over large part of the UK and have a large fleet of tracked tankers to make sure your servicing is completed every week.

Not only that, but our market leading electronic proof of delivery system means that we can show you a time/date stamped PDF of your service on demand, every week. Our service drivers take a picture of the portable toilet on arrival, and then after the service. Our arrival onsite and departure are all logged on the PDF for you to see, along with the plant number of the portable toilet.

And for those hiring portable toilets on behalf of third parties, if we arrive and the site is locked, we can generate an ‘no access’ report and send it immediately, showing that an abortive charge needs to be passed on to the end user.

With all these technological advances, great coverage and good rates, it’s no wonder so many people chose Portable Toilets Limited for their construction site toilets.