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Attitude Is Everything!

Here at Portable Toilets Limited we believe in equality! Everyone deserves high standard, clean, accessible sanitation at events around the UK and we want to lead the way in disabled access portable toilet hire. The events sector in the UK has seen huge advances across all the supply chain in the last 30 years. The length of time Portable Toilets Limited has been involved in supplying high quality portable toilet hire. Production, a focus on health and safety, staging, security and payment systems have all seen a raft of changes, along with sanitation; the changes to portable toilet hire have mainly been led by us here at Portable Toilets Limited.

As the market leader of portable toilet hire in the UK, we realised that when driving forward any changes, we had a responsibility to ensure we were making them available to the WHOLE of our market, not just a section of it. This meant focusing on EVERYONE who attends a festival or event site. We needed to change disabled portable toilet hire.
As well as seeking advice from one of our bigger clients, we also involved the fantastic organisation Attitude is Everything, who visited one of our portable toilet hire branches in Basingstoke to see what we currently did, how we did it and how we might improve it.

Disabled Toilets High Dependency Unit Vacuum POD Hire Rental

Our disabled access portable toilet hire is currently offered as follows:

High Dependency Unit

Our most specialized disabled portable toilet for hire. For clients with particular needs, these units come with height adjustable beds and hoists and are much larger than our other two disabled portable toilet products.

In summary, we have invested many tens of thousands of pounds over the last two years to bring our disabled portable toilet hire up to the standard we think it needs to be. We are leading the way, as is often the case, in disabled access portable toilet hire and along with our partners and clients, want to ensure that in 2018 and beyond, live music really is for everyone.

Disabled Access Vacuum POD

When we were instigating changes to the entire fleet and moving from recirculating technology to the more advanced vacuum based toilets, we needed to ensure we offered this to our clients with accessibility needs too. The disabled portable toilet hire vacuum pods are fresh water flushing, ground mounted, more luxurious units. They do require power and a water feed, but are currently the most luxurious disabled portable toilets for hire anywhere in the UK.

Disabled Access Portable Toilet

This is the standard, recirculating-flush, plastic disabled portable toilet. It is very deployable, not requiring any mains power or water to be operated, it’s light enough when empty to be moved by hand and is available in large quantities for disabled portable toilet hire.

Disabled Access 2018 High Dependency Unit Hire for Events

Disabled Access Toilets for Hire: