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How we rent our toilets to huge festivals?

Since its inception in 2003, Portable Toilets Limited (PTL) have been proud suppliers of portable toilets for hire for the monster of all rock festivals, the mighty DOWNLOAD.

We estimate that in that time frame, we’ve supplied over 18000 portable toilets; that’s a lot of recycled beer and hot dogs!

This year saw the festival grow again and welcoming the likes of Guns and Roses, Ozzy Osbourne and Avenged Sevenfold to the stage, with huge crowds of campers and arena tickets alike.

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Onsite toilets servicing

The always efficient Portable Toilets Limited logistics machine flew into action and delivered over 1400 portable toilets, 30 accessible portable toilets and over 250 portable urinals.  But it’s not just the delivery and collection that PTL are famous for, it’s the meticulous servicing of each and every portable toilet on that site, morning and night.

Our teams work tirelessly, starting at 0400h and again at 1600h, using fleets of modern tankers and washing vehicles to ensure the speedy and safe removal of thousands and thousands of gallons of waste.  Each loo is then pressure washed, disinfected and restocked with loo rolls. The Motherships then hit the road and empty off at the sewerage works, plugging into their own bio-diversity plans.

This year also saw the return of the now famous Seat of Luxury installation; a luxury, paid for service with vacuum, fresh water loos in a marquee in the village, all with hairdryers, mirrors and a few creature comforts. This year we added even more mobile showers to our Soap Stars enclosure too; this is really proving to be more popular every year.

Download Festival Trailers Showers Toilets WC Hire Rental

Portable Toilets Limited customer reviews

Guests at Download festival are particularly vocal, and rightly so. The sanitation often sparks comments, but mainly for the right reasons. Here’s a typical (slightly sweary) tweet:


‘Taking a sh*t at ⁦‪@DownloadFest⁩
Toilets with f***ing toilet roll!!!
Best portable toilets of a festival ever.’


We also introduced a ‘ladies only’ loo block in the arena, at the request of our client, and this was particularly popular with guests.

Download Festival Trailers Showers Toilets WC Hire Rental

After 5 days of use and constant servicing, it was time to pack up the whole thing and move on.  We also supplied RHS Chatsworth on the same weekend – what a contrast!

Now onto Royal Ascot and Henley; a Great British Summer of sport! See you onsite!