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What questions do event organisers need to ask themselves about their portable toilets provision?

Does event planning seem like a distant memory? Does attending any kind of event seem like one too?!

Hopefully we’ll all be back on an event site very soon, and all these necessary restrictions will seem like a very distant memory. Whilst we wait for the powers that be to decide on the next steps to break out of lockdown, we ate Portable Toilets Limited thought we’d go over a quick refresher of what questions  you need to ask when you’re planning an event, of any size!

Who is the audience, what type of event is it?

Who is going to be using these portable toilets? Is it a music festival for 80,000 or a wedding for 300? What’s the duration of the event? Is there food and alcohol? Is there camping onsite?

All these things will dictate the number and type of portable toilet product that you require. Plastic single portable toilets, luxury toilet trailers or vacuum portable toilets? PTL can supply all of these and more, as well as the tankers and staff to service them!

When is the event?

Some dates over a (normal) summer all already hugely popular among events, so it’s always good to check with your local portable toilet supplier if the dates you have in mind are free. What events are happening around the same time? Will there be a shortage?

Where is the event?

Portable Toilets’ coverage area is very broad, especially for larger events, but it’s always good to check. You should also make sure access is available for vehicles from land rover size, all the way up to articulated trucks for larger deliveries. Is it a green field site? Where are you thinking of locating the units? If the portable toilets will look really splendid next to the huge stately home that you’re getting married in, what about the weather: will that affect access to those units to deliver, collect or empty. Think carefully about the location of your portable toilets onsite.

What are the delivery and collection times?

Asset rental businesses tend to allocate their kit on a weekly rental price, so think about when you need the unit delivered and how that fits in to you overall event schedule. For a single luxury trailer for a wedding this may not be much of an issue. Larger events where many multiples of portable toilets are being installed will need to think carefully about the safe timelines for the delivery and collection of all the kit.

Onsite servicing, do you need it?

For events which span a few days, or have a long opening time, you may need an onsite servicing package. We can be onsite with staff numbers from one operative to 50, all fully qualified and accredited to service your portable toilet equipment. You’ll need to think about an admin area for the team, a dependable water source, storage for consumables, power supply, and lots more we can cover in another post.

We all know the amount of planning that goes into events of all sizes, and this quick reminder just scratches the surface of the level of detail that one needs to go into to get the supply of your portable toilets exactly right.

As far as credentials go, Portable Toilets Limited have an unrivalled level of experience at events of all sizes. So, whether you need your toilets for a wedding, a party at home, or 150,000 festival goers, there’s only one choice.

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