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Where can you hire eco loos?

Portable Toilets are greener than you think!

An interesting, but flawed, article on event sanitation; there are many issues, but I’ll limit it to these for now:

– We all know composting isn’t entirely self reliant, vacuum tankers are still required to take away the ‘wet’ element of any composting operation; those pesky lorries rearing their heads again…

– And how, for example, do you get the 300 tonnes of ‘humanure’ to the ‘secure facility’ for processing? In lorries presumably; the same lorries that would take away said waste from a ‘normal’ batch of portable loos to a sewage works that already invests millions in bio diversity programmes and anaerobic digestion.

Vacuum systems do trap the waste using air, and only 450 ml per flush (we know as we also use these systems), but they don’t physically reduce the amount of waste, that is illogical. The volume of waste is determined by the people, and plastic loos only create what the people put in them, they DO NOT generate waste out of nowhere….

– Why? Because ‘normal’ portable toilets only use about 20 litres of water to charge up, the rest is human waste, as per the name ‘recirculating’ portable toilet. So, after circa 40 flushes, vacuum systems are adding to the amount of waste, whereas the much maligned portable loo is only recycling what’s already on deposit.

– Properly staffed and maintained, portable toilets can be used very well at major outdoor events, in spite of the propagation of ill informed environmental slurs.

We all have a responsibility to be aware of our environmental impact, but let’s not ignore the facts.


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