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Campsites with Plastic Toilet Units and guest areas with our premium Vacuum Loos

Ravers. Tens thousands of ravers at Creamfields. Hundreds of the world’s best DJs. More pyro than you could shake a loo brush at.

Creamfields Rocked!  And guess who was there to witness it; Portable Toilets.

We liaised at the highest level with the Cream Hierarchy, and delivered our amazing eco-friendly Vacuum Loos into the guest area. Using no chemical, and only 0.5 litres of water per flush, they ensured the poshest ravers had a wonderful sanitary experience in between the sets!

Creamfields Festival WC Equipment for Hire Toilets Trailers POD

Of course, we didn’t limit ourselves to the guest area; we put in over 15 of our lovingly crafted Trailer Units for artists, crew and Calvin Harris.  In addition, our teams installed and serviced in excess of 1000 plastic units for the (very) happy campers.

Hmmm, really fancy a trip to the Isle of Wight NOW!