For 30 years, PTL have been at the forefront of portable sanitation supply to festivals, concerts and smaller events, all over the UK.

There is barely a type of festivals that we have not supplied. Since 1990, we have been the trusted provider of all types of event sanitation to events.

We pride ourselves on our consultative, project management approach to any event we supply. We conduct site visits on appointment, stay in regular contact throughout the quotation process, and always have a fully staffed and well-managed team onsite throughout.

Festivals and concerts often have a broad product offering, and we can supply it all:

  • Plastic portable toilets
  • Trailer mounted VIP toilets
  • Showers
  • Modular vacuum toilets
  • VACPOD vacuum cabins
Concert Festivals Gig Toilets Trailers WC Rental and Hire
Concert Festivals Gig Toilets Trailers WC Rental and Hire

Why are we the best in the event sector?

  • Unrivalled knowledge in the sector
  • The broadest product range
  • The most experienced site managers
  • Excellent liaison with any production office
  • Backed up by a team with years of experience

Working in consultation to provide just what you need

We take a consultative approach to help you plan the infrastructure of a large event or site. We will provide you with valuable input from the beginning to ensure that the sanitation on your project is expertly managed.