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PTL loves events, that is a given.

What PTL loves even more is  injured-service-personnel-competing-in-their-sport-at-the-highest-level type events! YES!

Throw in a charismatic Royal and you’ve got yourself a veritable rip-snorter of a Summer Climax; throw in the Foo Fightersand, well, you get the picture!

Harry Festival Sanitation Hire WC Toilets Trailers for Concerts

Royal choice of mobile WC's

Enter the Invictus Games.

With PTL’s close links to the Army, we were delighted to be asked by the organisers to be the sole supplier of sanitation equipment to the whole main event, including dressing rooms and Royal ‘Thrones’. Portable Loos were provided for the main arena and surrounds also.

It was awe inspiring to see men and women, once warriors on the battlefield, and now risen to the top again in their chosen sporting field. True grit and courage embodied by them, and a spectacle for the entire world.  They are the spirit of Invictus – ‘Unconquered’.

It was a pleasure to be involved, and we all salute your bravery and determination.