6 Person Urinal


Looking for a solution to backed-up lines at concerts, races or other special events where adult beverages are consumed?

The 6 Person Urinal is built within the shell of an Accessible Unit and can hold up to six men comfortably at one time.



Why Hire 6 Person Urinal?

  • A convenient walk-through shell
  • Two 70-gallon urinal trough waste tanks
  • Multiple service ports located inside the unit at either end of both trough tanks
  • 6 people can use it simultaneously 
Inside 6 Person Urinal for events and construction sites rental

Technical Specifications

Sketch of 6 Person Urinal for events and construction sites rental
Height: 220cm
Width: 160cm
Depth: 160cm
Weight: 127kg
Capacity: 636 litres
Colour: Dark Green 

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