Disabled Toilet


A plastic chemical toilet for those with accessibility requirements. The seat is much closer to the ground, enabling easier access for those who require it.

Remember also that this means the tank is much smaller, with a greatly reduced capacity. Access needs to be restricted to those who require it, or more emptying will need to be scheduled.


Why Hire Disabled Toilet?

  • Easy to handle with convenient heavy-duty grab handles.
  • Durable enough to take the abuse of moving without losing strength.
  • Rigid floor holds up to wear and tear, without need of a ramp for access.
  • 2-roll toilet paper dispenser – less maintenance, no more wasted rolls.
  • Comes with an optional mother and baby changing facility.
  • No-ramp access makes for an easy wheelchair entry and exit.
  • Oversized bench and grab rails allow for easy transfer from wheelchair to toilet seat.
  • Superior ventilation keeps unit fresh even with high use and hot climates.
  • Spaciousness makes this a popular choice for parks and sports fields as it is easy for families to use together.
Disabled Toilet Events Construction Portable Toilets

Technical Specifications

Disabled Toilet Events Construction Portable Toilets
Height: 226cm
Width: 163cm
Depth: 163cm
Door Height: 205cm
Door Entry Width: 82cm
Weight: 157kg
Capacity: 132 litres
Hand Wash: Sanitiser gel dispenser
Electric: No
Colour: Dark green

Working in consultation to provide just what you need

We take a consultative approach to help you plan the infrastructure of a large event or site. We will provide you with valuable input from the beginning to ensure that the sanitation on your project is expertly managed.