Female 5 Bay VACPOD®


Our market leading Female 5 Bay Vacuum Unit. After years of research we have created these 5 WC PODS that have created a storm within the event sector. Fresh water, and highly sustainable (using only 450ml of water per flush), these units have revolutonised the upgraded options for sanitation at events and construction sites.


Why Hire Female 5 Bay VACPOD®?

  • Fresh water vacuum flushing
  • Waste can either go directly into mains sewerage or a to vacuum tank
  • 5 x cubicles with vacuum ceramic toilets
  • 2 x ceramic basins in a vanity area
  • Electric hand dryer
  • Only requires 1 x 16amp 240V power supply
  • Requires connection to mains water
  • Large mirror
  • Luxury soap and lotion
  • No chemicals so limited odour
  • Please note forklifts are required to load, unload and position this unit
  • Space required for vacuum and grey waste tanks
Female 5 Bay VacPOD Festivals Concerts Container Toilets Hire Service Delivery

Additional Information

PTL’s game changer! The very sustainable solution to luxury mobile sanitation requirements.

Our 5 Bay Vacuum Unit really adds to your green credentials, whilst offering your guests clean, fresh water and vacuum powered loos.

Your party, VIP garden, production areas or construction sites will never look back!

Technical Specifications

Female 5 Bay VacPOD Festivals Concerts Container Toilets Hire Service Delivery
Height: 2.5m
Length: 4.1m
Width: 2.5m
Weight: 1050kg
Hand Wash: Hot Water
Water Feed: 15mm 1.5Bar
Electric: 16amp / 240V

Colour: White

Working in consultation to provide just what you need

We take a consultative approach to help you plan the infrastructure of a large event or site. We will provide you with valuable input from the beginning to ensure that the sanitation on your project is expertly managed.