Male 2 + 7 VACPOD®


Part of our vacuum range, these 2WC units with 7 urinals can sit alongside the 5 bays as a male option. Using 2 x vacuum WCs applying the same sustainable technology, they are a great addition to any event or construction site.

Why Hire Male 2 + 7 VACPOD®?

  • Fresh water vacuum flushing
  • Waste can either go directly into mains sewerage or a to vacuum tank
  • 2 x cubicles with vacuum ceramic toilets
  • 7 x ceramic urinals
  • 2 x ceramic basins in a vanity area
  • Electric hand dryers
  • Only requires 1 x 16amp 240V power supply
  • Requires connection to mains water
  • Large mirror
  • Luxury soap
  • No chemicals so limited odour
  • Space required for vacuum and grey waste tanks
  • Please note forklifts are required to load, unload and position this unit
Male 2 + 7 VACPOD Festivals Concerts Exclusive VIP Toilets Rental Delivery Onsite Service

Additional Information

Our 2+7 bay vacuum unit really adds to your green credentials, whilst offering your guests clean, fresh water and vacuum powered loos.

With  two well-appointed WC’s and ample room for 7 well-spaced urinals, these units make a great male option that can be used as a standalone or to compliment the 5 bays.

As always, the WC waste uses minimal water per flush on our vacuum system, making them super sustainable (only 450ml), and the urinal waste uses a ‘saniflo’ pump to be pushed to a waste tank.

Your party, VIP garden, production areas or construction sites will never look back!

Technical Specifications

Male 2 + 7 VACPOD Festivals Concerts Exclusive VIP Toilets Rental Delivery Onsite Service
Height: 2.5m
Length: 4.1m
Width: 2.5m
Weight: 1050kg
Hand Wash: Hot Water
Water Feed: 15mm 1.5Bar
Electric: 16amp / 240V
Colour: White

Working in consultation to provide just what you need

We take a consultative approach to help you plan the infrastructure of a large event or site. We will provide you with valuable input from the beginning to ensure that the sanitation on your project is expertly managed.