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Constructions site toilets hire with electronic proof of delivery

Events, events, events; they’re all we ever talk about right?! Well, kind of…but not today!

Here at PTL towers a huge part of our business is devoted to supplying the building and contracting trade, and we take great pride in providing these guys and gals with a tip top portable loo, on time, and regularly serviced!

We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, but we are always learning. As part of the ongoing investment in our processes and a move towards a paperless office, we have introduced a brand new Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) system across all of our 6 branches.

EPOD Electronic Proof Of Delivery Events Construction Rental Toilets

How to hire building site loo?

Well, it means that the site agent or invoicing contact knows:

  • An ETA of when the initial delivery is due;
  • An ETA of when a service is due on a given day;
  • On leaving the building site, the client is automatically emailed a PDF containing before and after pictures of the equipment, a signature and a date/time stamped photograph to show what work was completed and at what time;
  • PTL staff have all their work delivered to them on shiny (but robust!) electronic devices, meaning less paper and fewer trees used in the process!

I know, I know, some people (like Amazon for example) have been doing this for a while. But we’re still pretty excited by EPOD, and we think you should be too. So, if you’re one of our nations great builders, and need some welfare provision for your site, get in touch today!

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