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Fresh water vacuum installations across all the VIP areas

Straight from the Jubilee into this wonderful celebration of all things Rock!

American Express presents British Summertime.

What an opener, with Elton John, The Rolling Stones and Eagles all performing over this first weekend.

And headlining the loos, PORTABLE TOILETS LIMITED of course!

VacPOD Toilets on the backstage of BST Festival
POD Toilets under the tree at BST Festival

Fresh water vacuum installations across all the VIP areas, artists areas, Ultimate Garden and anywhere else you can shake a VIP pass covered stick at!

All wonderfully project managed by our on-site teams, without whom I wouldn’t be able to post this inspiring content 🤣🙄

Professionalism of PTL Team

The second weekend of AEG Presents BST in The Royal Parks Hyde Park saw two breathtaking Adele shows and another Rolling Stones night to wrap it all up. 

The PTL team proved themselves yet again with their professionalism, teamwork and work ethic, always going the extra mile to get the job done as only they can.
Whilst builds continue with our modular vacuum kit at The Open and the Commonwealth Games, and the load in completes at Kew The Music, it reminds me just how grateful I am to have these guys on board across all kinds of cultural and sporting #events. Thank you. 🙏🏻😎

The whole series was wrapped up with two nights of Pearl Jam and Duran Duran and was a huge success.

Hullabaloos VIP toilets hired by BST festival

All our VIP guests were wowed by the combination of fresh water vacuum loos and trailer mounted luxury toilets, expertly maintained by our onsite team. Portable Toilets’ kit also graced some of the more private artist and friends and family areas across the site, as well as on the stage itself!

Much more to come, see you onsite!