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Portable Toilets Hire Company with best reputation

We are moving so quickly we can barely keep up with ourselves! 

Since Bestival, we’ve been pushing ourselves to offer our unrivalled Portable Toilet experience to all kinds of events, large and small.

Our wonderful Portable Toilets popped into the NATO summit and serviced some of the highest level bottoms around, before getting back into the swing of things for the public at the fantastic Run to the Beat.

We didn’t stop there, oh no! Continuing to strengthen our reputation for complicated, multiple drop Portable Toilet events, we got stuck into the Colour Runs in London and Brighton.

Phew; had enough yet?! No? Neither had we; we smashed onwards toward the Blenheim Half and Swindon Half.

And then, BOOM! The NFL hit the uk. And when the biggest and best American Football franchise hits the UK, who else would supply their Portable Toilets but us: Portable Toilets Limited!

Drop us a line and see if we can help.

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