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PTL supplying best portable toilet products

For the second year running, Portable Toilets Limited have had the pleasure of suppling the Royal Horticultural Society’ Chatsworth House event.

Home to the Cavendish family for sixteen generations, the amazing Chatsworth Estate plays host to a wonderful exhibition of flowers, gardens and outdoor lifestyle workshops in early June.

Vacuum POD Toilets hired by Chatsworth event

Working with such a client, in such a delicate landscape, requires a contractor who can be trusted to deliver on their promises and work to an exact schedule, in addition to of course supplying the best portable toilet products on the market.

Our conversion of the site from mains flushing loos to vacuum loos continues apace this year. The public side had vacuum toilets installed last year, but this year saw us roll them out in production areas too. Some mains units still use over 5 litres of water per flush, whereas our vacuum loos (although still using fresh water), use only 450ml of water per flush, making them a super sustainable portable toilet product. We supplied over 250 of these ultra-modern vacuum fresh water portable toilets!

Vacuum POD Toilets at Chatsworth event

Hire ECO portable toilets and save the planet

Not only this, but the reduced waste created means fewer large tanker vehicle movements, thus further reducing not only road miles and carbon emissions, but also vehicle movements around people onsite.

We also debuted our specially manufactured new baby changing units; with a huge footprint and a clean look and finish to match the rest of the installation, these proved to be a massive success.

High Tech Event Loo delivered to Chatsworth event

Our teams safely derigged the entire operation, and moved on to London and Download festival, among other shows!

See you onsite!