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Portable Toilets Limited again supplied Moonwalk

What on earth would make thousands of people launch themselves out of London’s Clapham Common, into the night in their bras and in a wild west theme, to undertake a marathon power walk?

The Moonwalk, that’s what! Portable Toilets Limited (PTL) was once again proud to be involved in the 21st Moonwalk. A fantastic charity, founded by Nina Barough, Walk the Walk started back in 1996 with the crazy idea to powerwalk the New York Marathon in decorated bras. At that time, Nina had neither the experience of fundraising, running a marathon, nor of breast cancer itself.

This all changed in January 1997 when she found out that she herself had cancer. That April, a team competed in the London Marathon and raised another £25,000. Word was spreading and in 1998 the steps were taken to make it an official charity. By 2000, Prince Charles himself was Patron. Fast forward 20 years and Walk the Walk has raised over £30 million for causes related to breast cancer, including the tissue bank and the Breakthrough Generation Study.

Moonwalk Portable Toilets
Moonwalk Portable Toilets Rental

Portable toilets hire from the start to finish point

We provide hundreds of portable toilets for hire from for the start and finish point of the Moonwalk in Clapham.

A complicated logistics operation takes place all night enabling our portable toilets to be dropped off and collected at exactly the right times, therebyensuring that there are no delays in reopening London’s roads early on Sunday.

At the main site in Clapham, our hundreds of Portable Toilets from are constantly stocked and maintained by our onsite team of portable toilet cleaners and site managers. Our consultative team are constantly on hand to communicate with Nina’s event management team, keeping them updated on stock levels, as well as the load-in and load-out plans. By the Wednesday following the event, we are all clear of the site and already preparing our loads for Radio 1APECommon Peopleand many more!

Thousands of portable toilets coming to a field near you, courtesy of!

See you onsite.


Moonwalk Portable Toilets