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Premium Bathrooms for festivals and other events

Festival organisers have, for some time, sought out a product for those that wish to pay a premium for their sanitation, rather than use the (already very high standard) PTL Portable Toilets onsite! PTL have developed the answer: The Seat of Luxury!

Makings its debut appearance at Download 2014, Seat of Luxury really wowed punters with its spacious, covered areas, fresh water vacuum loos, large vanity units, hair dryers, perfumes, deodorants and personable, friendly service.

The Seat of Luxury hire Concerts and Festivals luxury tent toilets

For a set price over the weekend, strictly limited to a small amount of ticket holders, paying customers could come and use the facilities as often as they wished during the 5 day festival.

One customer commented, ‘ PTL’s Seat of Luxury is exactly what I needed; love the modern, clean loos and all the hair straighteners and dryers really help too!’

Expect to see “SoL” at Latitude Festival, as well as Reading and Leeds later in the year.