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Portable Toilets Limited in London

After all the build-up, hype and expectation it finally happened!

Her Majesty celebrated 70  years on the throne, and millions of us celebrated all over the country and the world. The centre of those celebrations was London, and the Portable Toilets Limited team were there in force to assist!

This project had numerous challenges to overcome, stakeholders to please and objectives to achieve, but from the outset the client knew that only one company could achieve it all:

Platinum Jubilee plastic PJ toilets for events

Working in some of the most precious real estate whole country, West London’s Royal Parks, our team worked diligently to install thousands of portable toilets for the spectating public.

They would be attending 3 key events:

  • Trooping the Colour
  • The Platinum Jubilee Concert
  • The Platinum Jubilee Pageant

All of which needed portable toilets, all of which were provided by PTL.

Platinum Jubilee VACPOD toilets

Portable Toilets Limited was the only choice for excellent, project managed sanitation

Our products ranged from the standard type event toilet, through to the VIP toilet trailers and excellent VACPODS, and not only did we cater for all the visiting public, but also the backstage and production areas as well as VIP areas.

Platinum Jubilee event plastic toilets hired for the event

It was a huge undertaking for all involved, but there really was only one choice for excellent, project managed sanitation for the event, and that was Portable Toilets Limited.