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Deployable, lightweight urinals hung from Heras or Steel Shield fencing

We developed the Pee Queue Buster (PQB) Urinal years ago to deal with the problem of men taking up valuable time in the queue for the loo at events. This means Portable Toilets Limited’s innovative product design continues apace!

Then came the issue of dealing with men who couldn’t be bothered to queue for the urinals in the loo blocks at large scale concerts, and who were using any available space along the perimeter fences instead!

Urinal Pee Queue Buster Trough Solves Steel Artic Monkeys Finsbury

PTL got straight on the case, developing a rapidly deployable, lightweight urinals trough that can be hung from Heras or Steel Shield fencing, and used to create much needed urinal areas in previously dead space.

It has seen huge success in Sonisphere, Oasis at Heaton Park, Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park!