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Thanks to events industry for choosing Portable Toilets Limited

2014 was big; really big! And we want to say thanks.

To all the promoters, festival organisers, production staff, procurement peeps, newlyweds, 21st birthday-ers, 40th birthday-ers, corporate entertainers, runners, triathletes, horse trial riders, Tour de France-ers, Wireless Festival goers, Calling festival goers, Latituders, Downloaders, Bestivalers, and all the many other people who used, booked, bought and thought of Portable Toilets Ltd to supply their event!

With all your continued support, we’re growing again! This year will see hundreds more plastic portable toilets added to the fleet, numerous luxury trailer mounted toilets in different configurations, more showers, more tankers, and maybe even more offices!

Our lads and lassies over at Hullabaloos are having a bit of a growth spurt too!

You’re supporting Great British Business and we are all very grateful.

2015 is looking busy, and we want to continue this trend, employ more people, and keep delivering excellent service!

So, if you’ve got to go, GO PTL!